Locally made Breads, Chutneys, Beers, Cider....

Just some of our
    special extras....

Specialist Sourdough Breads

Baked for us by Toby...
Rye, Caraway, Sunflower & Pumpkin, Rustic White... and Kentish Huffkins!


Whitstable Pickle Co.
Brilliant range, made to match our cheeses



Mrs Moxham's fabulous delights
Jams, Marmalades and pickles with provenance

Local Churchman's Farm
free-range Duck & chicken


Quince Paste
Firm slicing delicate fruit cheese, served best with Ewe's cheese


Pressed Fig & Almond Cake

Dried fruit and nut wedges,
excellent with any British cheese

Kent Beers

Old Dairy Brewery
Full complement with seasonal specials



 Hop Daemon
 Green daemon, Skrimshander &  Leviathan

Kent Ciders plus some regional specialities